Today’s Gem of Gratitude #104


Today I am thankful for sports. They say that music and love are universal languages, but someone must have forgotten to include sports in that. It is interesting how you can take a group full of strangers who may not even have one thing in common, including the language that they speak, place them in a room with a television tuned to some sporting event (football, basketball, hockey, soccer, etc.), and watch them find a way to communicate with each other as they enjoy watching the game together, no matter which team they are rooting for.

It’s not clear whether it’s the increase in adrenaline that watching sporting events can cause, the inducement of a feeling of camaraderie that can also be a byproduct of watching sporting events, or a simple appreciation of the fact that someone else enjoys something that you also enjoy, that causes strangers to instantly bond while watching sporting events, but it is a wonderful thing to experience.

In addition to this natural tendency to bring people together, sports, both playing them and watching them being played, are just fun. And whether you are a serious sports fan or someone who just makes it a point to watch the occasional game, there is something to be had by all. Could it be any better than that? #lovebythedrop

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