Today’s Gem of Gratitude #110


Today I am thankful for electronic music players. I previously shared here how much I love and appreciate music. Music is such a calming, relaxing element in my life that I enjoy listening to it everywhere that I go.

Prior to the invention of what we consider to be modern electronic music players, I used to carry my CDs in the car with me. I say CDs because in addition to enjoying music in general I also like to listen to different genres of music created by various music artists, and oftentimes the decision of which song or genre of music that I listen to is based on my mood and how I feel at that particular moment. With that said, oftentimes I am not sure as to what I will want to listen to from one moment to the next. So, I make it a point to bring a selection of music with me. Years ago that meant carrying a stack of CDs with me, but now all of my music fits neatly onto my electronic music player, which is portable enough to travel with me wherever I go.

This ability to access all of my music from anywhere allows me to add a bit of enjoyment to just about every situation. And when I find myself waiting for a meeting or an appointment because I am early, or even waiting for loved ones to arrive for dinner at a restaurant, and I do not feel like reading, I can easily put my earbuds into my ears and enjoy the wonderful sounds of Vanessa Mae, Anthony Hamilton, or Ledisi, to name a few, while time passes.

No matter what I am doing, where I am going, I can carry music with me. And whether I need to be entertained, consoled, or simply distracted from certain events of any given day, music is there to aid, soothe, and comfort the soul. #lovebythedrop

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