Today’s Gem of Gratitude #111


Today I am thankful for swimming pools. I grew up in an area that is surrounded by the ocean, and though I love water and swimming, I never have enjoyed frolicking in the ocean so to speak. I have stepped on more than my fair share of random ocean creatures from a stingray to a jellyfish, and even a horseshoe crab.

Needless to say, I grew up thinking that the ocean, though it was very pretty and powerful, was very overrated when it came to swimming. Thankfully, though, I have always had access to swimming pools. I love the cool feel of the water, the way that you can peacefully float on top of the water and allow your cares to slip away, and the way that you can completely submerge yourself and temporarily allow yourself to become lost in your own world. And what I love the most about swimming pools is the fact that I can completely relax in the water and not have to concern myself with all manner of sea creatures, seaweed, or even random bits of trash that people throw into the ocean.

All of this thinking about swimming pools makes me feel like taking a nice and refreshing dip to wash away the desert heat. Who knows, I might even dive in and glide through the crystal clear water that is clean and wonderfully creature-free. #lovebythedrop

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