Today’s Gem of Gratitude #147


Today I am thankful for reruns of The Cosby Show. I loved that show when I was a little girl. Every week I looked forward to 8 PM on Thursday nights because I knew that for a half an hour I would get to enjoy life with the Huxtables.

The Huxtables were a great example of a loving, successful family that was also an accurate representation of a population of families that had yet to be portrayed on television.

The Cosby Show was one of the few television shows that was appropriate for both adults and children to watch, and was enjoyable to both groups. The issues brought up on the show were universal and well presented, and a lot of people could (and still do) relate to the show.

Nowadays, when we turn on the television we are bombarded by negative images and extremely poor examples of relationships, family dynamics, and social mores. Between the plethora of sub-par “reality shows,” talk shows, and music videos, our society has become overrun with examples of what not to do if you ever want to become a functioning, self-sufficient adult who is taken seriously by anyone. And what’s worse is that so many people do not even seem to realize how poor these examples are, and are instead embracing these poor examples as though nothing were wrong with them.

Now that this is the reality of what we are encountering on a daily basis, it’s nice to still have wholesome shows such as The Cosby Show to remind us that all hope is not lost, even though that reminder comes to us in the form of reruns. I will take those reruns over the foolishness that is today’s “entertainment” any day. And, no, I am not saying that there is nothing good and worthwhile on television in this day and age, I am merely making mention of the fact that the positivity that still exists in the realm of television seems to be fewer and far between than ever before. #lovebythedrop

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