Today’s Gem of Gratitude #268


Today I am thankful for excitement. Whether the excitement is associated with wonderful experiences or not so wonderful ones, excitement of any form is essential. I mean, think about it, if each day proceeds at the same monotonous pace without the benefit of spontaneity or deviations, then life would be rather boring. And because life would be so boring, I venture to think that many of us would find it to be that much harder to get up and face each new day. Now, because we are troopers I am sure that we would do what we need to do in order to make sure that we get going and tackle each day as effectively and efficiently as possible, but that does not mean that we would be fully connected to the life that we are living and that we would be invested in the outcome.

Thankfully, though, we get to experience the benefits associated with having excitement in our lives. And what are the benefits, you might be wondering? They can range from reminding us that we are alive and that we are not robots who exist in a world to which we have no emotional ties to opening our eyes to the things and people that/who are important to us, benefits that are much needed in a world where we move through life at such a hectic pace that many of us barely have time to sleep and sequester ourselves for a moment so that we can simply breathe. Excitement, in many ways, serves to keep us fully present in each moment, which is essential since each moment could potentially be our last. #lovebythedrop

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