Today’s Gem of Gratitude #318


Today I am thankful for leisurely walks. Sometimes it takes a good, peaceful stroll to clear my head and help me to regroup, especially at times when there is so much going on in my life, heart, and mind that I cannot seem to tell whether I am coming or going. And I do not know about you, but it is during times such as those that it can be a challenge to evaluate situations and opportunities in a manner that is appropriate and then make the correct decisions.

So, when I find myself deep in the midst of mental turmoil, I occasionally make it a point to take a simple stroll so that I can temporarily separate myself from my usual surroundings while I focus on relaxing my mind and achieving a state that will make it possible for me to think clearly and receive the direction that I need. In times such as those, I often pray for guidance, give myself pep talks, and take time to recall past successes. After all, there have been many moments in my life in which I experienced success and enjoyment, so why not recall them and allow them to remind me that “this too shall pass?”

I have previously shared with you all some of the ways in which I obtain what I need in order to cope with challenging situations, including seeking wise counsel from professionals as well as from my loved ones, praying, and writing. Taking leisurely walks is simply another option that I make use of, one that especially comes in handy when what I need most are peaceful moments to reflect. And the fact that I can reflect while exercising is merely an added bonus. #lovebythedrop

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