Today’s Gem of Insight #9


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that everything that we say and do has the potential to have a lasting effect, no matter what our motives and intentions are, how we think that others will receive our actions and the things that we say, and how minute we perceive our actions and the things that we say to be. Everything matters.

And because everything matters we need to take the time to think before we speak, evaluate before we finalize our choice of actions, and consider the possible effects that what we say or do will have on others. Because at the end of the day, especially when it concerns our encounters with people, the success of our interactions with people depends largely on their perceptions of what we say and do, as well as how we say and do those things, as opposed to solely depending on our perceptions. We could have the purest and sweetest of intentions when we say something to someone, but if that person perceives what we said in a manner that did not line up with what was intended, then that interaction was not a successful one.

Now, I understand that we as human beings cannot control the perceptions of others, nor should we want to. And we certainly should not base everything that we do in life on how we think that others will perceive us. However, when attempting to have meaningful encounters with people we need to consider the person with whom we are interacting and take time to consider the different elements that are needed in order to cause that specific encounter with that specific person to be successful. And oftentimes that involves taking time to consider how that person might perceive what we are going to say and do. After all, just because something does not seem to be substantial to us does not mean that others will not perceive it to be substantial, and vice versa. Taking the time to think and evaluate before we take action renders to us a greater chance that we will say and do things that will affect the person with whom we are interacting in a positive manner. And if that positive effect just so happens to be a lasting one, then that is icing on the cake. #lovebythedrop

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