Today’s Gem of Insight #10


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that perseverance is tied to perspective. Our perspective, in many ways, determines whether or not we persevere.

Let’s think about this for a minute. When we adopt a perspective that is negative – constantly telling ourselves that all we experience in life are challenges, that we never win, that life is too hard, that no matter what we do we will never have the things that we want – we, in effect, cut off our ability to see past whatever challenge we are facing, which essentially causes our ability to persevere to be held hostage by our negative views.

However, when we adopt a perspective that is positive – consistently communicating to ourselves that the challenges that we face in life are opportunities to succeed, that we are winners, that though life may be hard at times, those hard times are only temporary, and that no matter what comes our way we will make it through successfully – we make it possible for ourselves to see beyond the temporary challenges that we face, freeing our ability to persevere to do what it does best – propel us past any obstacle that enters our path.

Obtaining and maintaining a positive perspective can be a challenge initially, because it goes against the natural tendencies of human beings. However, when we determine within ourselves to develop and maintain a positive perspective and we follow up that decision with the necessary action, after a while we come to realize that maintaining a positive perspective is not as challenging as it once appeared to be. We just need to take that initial leap and commit ourselves to not giving up, and our ability to persevere will kick in and take it from there.

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