Today’s Gem of Insight #22


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that it’s important to take the time to celebrate one’s victories, both large and small. Oftentimes we seem to focus on the huge victories that experience in our lives, such as earning a professional degree, completing a marathon, or starting a successful business, which is well and good.

However, focusing all of our attention on the major victories means that we have a greater chance of overlooking the minor victories that we experience while on our way to the major ones, minor victories such as earning an “A” on a difficult exam, completing a mini-marathon, or developing a stellar business plan.

If we neglect to take the time to celebrate the small victories as well as the large ones, then we might find that we become burnt out and more willing to throw in the towel while on this adventurous journey that we call life. In fact, sometimes those smaller victories will provide us with the very fuel that we need to keep on moving forward. And in addition to serving as tools of motivation, those smaller victories also help to boost our levels of confidence and self-esteem, as well as increase our recognition of the abilities and skills that we possess. After all, it’s occasionally the small things in our lives that have the largest effect. #lovebythedrop

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