Today’s Gem of Insight #23


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that no one can make it alone. Yet, many of us live our lives as though we believe the opposite to be both true and attainable. Our lives are designed and intended to be experienced with others – through relationships, interactions, and encounters – yet we close ourselves into our never-ending box of things-to-do thinking that somehow we are failures if we even slightly entertain the thought of possibly asking someone for help.

News flash to all of us: if we were intended to live our lives in a solitary fashion – doing everything for ourselves, by ourselves, with no input from others – we would not have been created with a natural inclination towards being in relationships, meeting people, and feeling as though we fit in with others and are a part of various groups and associations. We would not desire interaction and contact with other people. And we certainly would not take the time to learn other languages, become familiar with other cultures, and travel to other countries.

Let’s face it, not only are we interested in interacting with other people, but there is no way that we can accomplish everything that we are meant to accomplish on this planet alone. And if we were supposed to do so, each of us would have been given the ability to know everything, do everything, and be everything, which is not humanly possible.

We were created for unity, togetherness, and community. So instead of attempting to do everything ourselves without the assistance of others, why not tap into our need for community and allow those who offer the appropriate assistance to help us reach our full potential? Now that’s definitely something to consider. #lovebythedrop

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