Today’s Gem of Insight #21


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that sometimes you just need to talk it out. Many of us, both men and women, are prone to keeping our concerns and feelings bottled up inside. For some of us it’s because we fear what others might say about us or think about us, whereas others of us do so because that’s what we were taught to do and that is all that we know.

Whatever our reasoning may be for keeping everything bottled up inside, doing so is neither healthy nor advantageous for us as human beings. Constantly allowing our concerns and feelings to stew inside of us without sharing them with someone whom we trust often causes us to dwell on the negative rather than on the positive, miss opportunities to develop solutions, and prevent ourselves from experiencing the breakthroughs that we need in our lives.

Yet, when we take the time to talk things through with someone whom we trust we are reminded of the fact that we are not in this alone, and we experience the sense of freedom and relief that accompanies the release of that burden. And freedom trumps being weighed down by a burden any day. #lovebythedrop

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