Today’s Gem of Insight #29


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that not everything needs to be fixed by us. Some of us have such helpful and efficient natures that we feel compelled to fix every problem that comes across our path, even those to which others only allude. We are natural “fixers.” And there is nothing wrong with that.

The problem arises, though, when we lose sight of our ability to discern which problems require our attention and which ones do not. Yes, I include myself when speaking of this, as I have been guilty of this at times too. We overload ourselves with our problems, our loved ones’ problems, and even those of strangers until we become so stressed out and overwhelmed that we severely reduce our ability to be effective in any area of our lives.

However, the good thing about realizing that a behavior that we exhibit needs some adjusting is that that realization presents us with the opportunity to actually do something about it. So, the next time that we are faced with a problem or we merely catch wind of one, it may be beneficial to take some time to evaluate whether or not the problem is one that truly requires our attention before setting those helpful wheels in motion. We just might save ourselves some unnecessary stress and anxiety. Now, that’s not a bad exchange for a few moments of thoughtful evaluation. #lovebythedrop

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