Today’s Gem of Insight #49


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that when in doubt we should go with water. It’s funny how sometimes I have found myself thinking, “man, I sure am thirsty.” And, for whatever reason, when I try to figure out what I want to drink and what I think might actually quench my thirst I find it difficult to settle on any one beverage. I think to myself, “ sure, orange juice would probably taste good, but I just do not think that it will do the trick. A soft drink, though tasty as well, would accomplish the complete opposite effect, so that’s definitely out of the question. And though a smoothie would be cool and refreshing (and you all know how much I enjoy smoothies), somehow I know that this just isn’t the time for that.”

In times like those, I have come to realize that it is just better for me to go ahead and drink a tall glass of water. Not only is it healthier for me and better for my body, but it tends to be exactly what I need in that very moment. And more than likely the presence of that thirst is my body’s way of letting me know that I am a little low on my water consumption.

And is it just me, or have you also noticed in moments of that sort, when it seems as though no beverage other than water will do, that that water tastes better than just about anything else that you can think of at the moment? How ironic. #lovebythedrop

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