Today’s Gem of Insight #59


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that overreacting to something does not necessarily mean that you are “a person who cares a lot.” It’s surprising the number of people who live their lives in the land of extremes. They yell, scream, make a scene, blow things out of proportion, and then expect others to be persuaded by their outbursts to behave a certain way or to take a certain course of action. And then when someone calls them on their behavior they respond by stating that they are “a person who cares a lot” and that that is why they exhibit such emotional reactions.

Now, I am not saying that individuals who overreact do not care. In fact, my guess is that they must care about something if they take the time to provide any sort of reaction. However, it is entirely possible to care without overreacting, blowing up, and infusing the world with more negativity. It is possible to think things through clearly, take the time to evaluate the situation before speaking, and speak and behave in a respectful manner. Sure, for some of us it may be easier to resist any urges to overreact. But whether or not we find it easy to avoid overreacting, it is something that we all can work on if we commit ourselves to the task, saving relationships, alleviating stress, and setting better examples for coming generations in the process. #lovebythedrop

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