Today’s Gem of Insight #58


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that ice cream really is good year around. I have always been a lover of ice cream. Ice cream and I have always had a good thing going on, and I do not think that either of us has ever really complained about about our special relationship at all. And because ice cream and I have always gotten along so well, I have made it a point to enjoy ice cream no matter the time of year, the weather conditions, etc. If I want to have ice cream, I have ice cream.

However, I remember mentioning to someone a few years ago that I was going to go and get some ice cream, and that person looked at me as though I had two heads coming out of my body and both of those heads had said something naughty. And after giving me such a strange look, that person then proceeded to ask me, “are you really going to go and get ice cream now? It’s winter and it’s cold outside.” I politely responded by saying, “yes, I am going to go and get some ice cream even though it is winter and it’s cold outside.” That person then proceeded to follow up their question and statement by saying, “but isn’t it too cold though?” to which I replied, “it’s never too cold for ice cream,” before going to get my ice cream.

For whatever reason I have never equated eating ice cream with a certain time of year or a certain temperature of the air, or anything like that. So, it surprised me when I started to encounter people who felt so strongly that ice cream was only appropriate for certain times of the year and during certain types of weather conditions. Needless to say, encountering individuals who have specific opinions about when people should eat ice cream has not changed my ice cream-eating habits, but it has opened my mind even more to the idea that we human beings truly are interesting individuals with opinions and ideas that in many ways vary as much as do our fingerprints. And I am okay with that. #lovebythedrop

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