Today’s Gem of Insight #69


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that taking mini-breaks from technology can be beneficial. Like most of us I enjoy making use of the technology that I have available to me. And, most of the time, that technology enhances my life rather than subtracts from it.

However, at times I become acutely aware of the fact that technology is occupying too large of a position in my day-to-day endeavors, and a little bit of a break from it is in order. Now, that does not mean that I get rid of the technology that I have or that I launch a “down with technology” campaign. What I prefer to do instead is to take little mini-breaks from technology by turning my cellphone off for a few hours, taking extended periods of time away from social media and anything remotely connected to social media, and making it a point to not turn on my computer. Sometimes I do all of these at the same time, and on other occasions i may just do one or two of them. The main thing is that I take a much needed break from the technology takeover that can sometimes happen when I do not exercise enough moderation as it concerns my use of technology.

Now, you may not typically find yourself in need of a little time away from some of the technology in your life. But if you do ever find yourself in that position, I encourage you to give the idea of taking a mini-break from technology a try. After all, a few moments away from technology is certainly doable. #lovebythedrop

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