Today’s Gem of Insight #75


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that sometimes we should give people the opportunity to surprise us. We often think that we know exactly what people are going to do and say, that we somehow have them entirely figured out. After all, we interact with many of them day after day, and as far as the strangers who make appearances in our lives are concerned, we have met so many new people who all seem to be slightly varying versions of the same person when it comes right down to it. So, it’s no wonder that we think that we have everyone sized up, right?

Well, in certain instances our theory might prove to be true. But what if it’s not this time? What if this time the person whom we think will turn out to be another one of the many versions of the same personality that we encounter all of the time surprises us? What if he or she turns out to be an individual, and even better than that, a nice individual who listens to us attentively, lends to us a helping hand supportively, and maybe even teaches us a few beneficial bits of information in the process?

You see, when we size people up and put them into the neat little boxes that we have set up in our minds we limit the breadth of possibilities that we can experience, oftentimes causing us to solely encounter the version of them that we fabricate as opposed to the version of them that really exists behind the façade that we have projected onto them. And where’s the fun in that?

Sure, we will likely encounter a lot of people who have similar personalities. And sometimes the lessons that we have learned from our past will surface with the intent to save us from repeating daunting moments that have somehow been archived. But every once in a while we just may encounter someone with the potential to surprise us (in a good way, I might add), and that, my dears, sounds like a chance worth taking. #lovebythedrop

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