Today’s Gem of Insight #76


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that it’s not necessary for us to have an opinion about everything. We may live in a world where it seems like we are constantly bombarded with an infinite number of things on a daily basis – ideas, opportunities (both good and bad), and at times even people seeking various things from us. But perhaps we are pummeled the most by the various thoughts that swarm around us and surface in our minds – some of them great and others not so much.

And right now you might be saying “can anything really be done about the millions of thoughts that swirl through our minds?” Would you believe that there is something that we can do regarding those thoughts? Thoughts, including opinions, may pop into our heads without our permission; that really is just a natural part of life. But we can control which thoughts we choose to entertain; that choice is left up to us. So, when thoughts enter our minds about this thing or that person, we can quickly evaluate whether or not those thoughts are the types of thoughts that we want to or even should entertain. And then once we make those evaluations we can discard the thoughts that do not measure up and continue on with our lives. It may take some practice, but it is definitely doable.

And after all, we should remember that opinions are the cultivated thoughts that we fashion, which are ultimately extensions of who we are. So, why not take the time to make sure that those opinions are as unique and one-of-a-kind as we are? #lovebythedrop

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