Today’s Gem of Insight #89


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that taking a stroll in the rain can be therapeutic for the soul. My guess is that on any given day the majority of us would not be all that thrilled about our hair getting wet, let alone our clothes, shoes, and anything else that we might be wearing. So when spontaneous showers pop up, we stealthily navigate our way to the nearest form of shelter that we can find.

But, if you are anything like me, you probably have those occasional moments when your perspective of the rain shifts from thinking that the rain should be avoided at all costs to contemplating what it would feel like to throw caution to the wind and simply allow yourself to be drenched by the downpour. And after a few moments of contemplation you go for it, and you feel your heart flutter gently in your chest as you allow the rain to wash away the emotional baggage that you have been carrying, even if it’s just figuratively.

And what happens at the end of one of those soothing encounters with the rain? You realize that standing in the rain did more for you than merely cause you to become soaking wet. That solitary act made it possible for you to relax and let it all go. Just like that. And like me, you are probably thinking that you cannot wait until the next time that it rains, because you have a few things that you are ready to lay down. #lovebythedrop

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