Today’s Gem of Insight #109


Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that we should never underestimate the powers of orange juice. As a child I did not include orange juice on my list of preferred beverages. It was not that I disliked orange juice in any way, it just simply was not a beverage that I preferred to drink.

I carried this approach toward orange juice into adulthood, maintaining my preference for drinking other types of beverages. However, a few months ago I began to gravitate toward drinking orange juice seemingly out of the blue. And as I began to drink more orange juice I was reminded of the benefits that are associated with drinking orange juice, including the fact that it is an excellent way to ingest vitamin C.

Now, I will not say that orange juice is my favorite beverage, but its taste and beneficial aspects are certainly causing it rise higher in the ranks. #lovebythedrop

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