Today’s Gem of Gratitude #40


Today I am thankful for get-togethers with family and friends. With such busy schedules that require us to make time for work, household responsibilities, community involvement, and much more, it can seem as though very little time remains for spending time with family and friends nowadays. However, purposely setting aside time to spend with those whom you love and care for is essential.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends for many reasons, including the fact that it is with my family and friends that I can relax the most, learn things about myself and my heritage, and become rejuvenated and refreshed via the unconditional love that I receive from them. When I am with them we laugh, cry, tell stories, and catch up on the details of the adventurous lives that we are living. We share our opinions about things and on occasion we enlighten each other in ways that were unexpected.

I appreciate the opportunity to share time and space with such a great group of people. We nurture each other, take care of each other, and help each other. But most of all we love each other, and because of that we are truly blessed. #lovebythedrop

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