Today’s Gem of Gratitude #41


Today I am thankful for random acts of kindness. I must admit that random acts of kindness – performing them, being the recipient of them, and observing others performing them and being recipients of them – are among my favorite things. There is something so fulfilling and heartwarming about doing something nice and unexpected for someone else, especially when it concerns supplying someone with something that they genuinely need. Random acts of kindness can consist of something big, such as buying someone a car when they need one and they are not in a position to purchase one on their own, or something small, such as paying for someone’s lunch or taking the trash out for them without their expectation.

Random acts of kindness generally have the propensity to lift a person’s spirits, cause a person to feel special and appreciated, and possibly even brighten a person’s outlook on life. And it’s important to note that random acts of kindness are not solely reserved for people who are experiencing challenges in life. People who are doing well in life seem to enjoy being recipients of random acts of kindness as well; afterall, there is no rule that prohibits causing someone’s “good” day to become a “great” day or an “even greater” day via blessing them through random acts of kindness.

There have been many occasions when random acts of kindness have not only blessed me through the sheer thoughtful and pleasant nature of the acts, but they have also saved me time, effort, and energy, and at times have put me into the position of being able to perform random acts of kindness for others on my own part. This cyclical nature of performing random acts of kindness is one of the greatest healing aspects associated with this type of behavior, an aspect that is much needed in and relevant for the current state of society and the world at large.

I challenge everyone out there to perform a random act of kindness for at least one person during the coming week, and then take note of the blessings that flow your way in return. #lovebythedrop

4 Replies to “Today’s Gem of Gratitude #41”

  1. I just issued this challenge myself, and already know what I’m going to do… 🙂 But I won’t spoil the surprise. I’ll be posting about it on my blog within the next few days!

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