Today’s Gem of Gratitude #42


Today I am thankful for maturity. Maturity is one of those things that is easily noticed but hard to obtain. Attaining a certain age does not automatically make you mature. Neither does merely amassing a plethora of experiences. Maturity is not gained via osmosis, nor by simply knowing people who are mature.

In order to become mature a person has to actively learn from the things they experience in life, as well as from the experiences of others. And not only does a person have to learn from their experiences and those of others, but they also have to apply the things that they learn to future situations and use the acquired knowledge to make better decisions. This is what separates the mature from the immature.

Perhaps the greatest misconception regarding the idea of maturity is that at a certain point one becomes mature and then no longer has to continue to learn from life experiences and apply the knowledge gleaned from those experiences to future decisions. However, the pursuit of maturity is a lifelong endeavor, and there are no shortcuts. I pray that we as a society wake up and stop allowing ourselves to continuously fall short of the maturity mark. #lovebythedrop

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