Today’s Gem of Gratitude #64


Today I am thankful for understanding. You know, one of the hardest things about actively choosing to be an understanding person is committing to do so even when you do not understand the situation or circumstances at hand.

Let’s face it, there are going to be times when we can see that the people whom we care about are involved in things that do not add up to the best scenario for them. And whether or not they are aware of this truth, they continue to entertain the same damaging behaviors and negative circumstances. In situations like that we can do quite a few things: tell them that they are wrong and that they need to get it together, pretend that the situation at hand is just a temporary one and that things will magically improve all by themselves, demonstrate understanding by empathizing with them and their concerns without judging or condemning them, or any number of other options.

Personally, in the past, I have employed several different options in situations like that, and learned the hard way that any response that does not have an element of understanding at its foundation will likely not generate a positive outcome. People are people. And as such, we need to know that others are willing to “see” us despite the negative elements that are present in our lives. We have to know that we matter despite the situation and circumstances. And admittedly, actively demonstrating this can sometimes be a challenge, especially when it seems as though our loved ones are continuously making the same poor choices that hold them captive to the same negative situations. But just because something is not easy does not mean that it should be abandoned. The demonstration of understanding should be pursued until it becomes second nature, no matter the level of difficulty associated with it, the effect of which will inject some much needed positivity into this world of ours. #lovebythedrop

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