Today’s Gem of Gratitude #63


Today I am thankful for compassion. The dictionary defines “compassion” as “sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.” Though I think that there is more to the definition of compassion than what the dictionary provides, I do think that the dictionary’s definition is at least a good starting point. There are so many things that we human beings need in this life – support, encouragement, understanding, consideration, appreciation, love, and the list goes on. Included in that list is the idea of compassion.

Sometimes people are working hard and doing their absolute best to handle certain situations and take care of the things that they need to take care of. And many times there may not be a question of whether or not the person is dedicated, motivated, or has the resources that he or she needs and the ability to make use of them. Sometimes what a person needs is merely to know that someone is there for them, is concerned about the things that concern them, and demonstrates that concern to them, in essence, extends compassion to them.

The interesting thing about human beings and compassion is that the extension of compassion to another human being does not necessarily require any money or even a huge effort on the part of the one who is extending the compassion. Rather it generally only requires a few minutes of a person’s quality time and that person’s presence, whether by proxy, via telephone, or in person, and maybe a little bit of conversation. Sometimes that is all that it takes to demonstrate to a hurting person that someone cares and is choosing to concern himself or herself with the concerns of the person who is hurting.

As a person who has been on the receiving end of the extension of compassion, I can truly say that people who have taken the time and made the effort to extend compassion to me have substantially affected my life in positive ways that they will likely never really be aware of. A little bit of consideration coupled with a gesture that demonstrates that one cares truly goes a long way. And I certainly believe that the more that people extend compassion to others, the more that people will come to realize the importance of being compassionate people. I encourage everyone out there to find new ways to extend compassion to their loved ones, as well as to strangers whom they encounter throughout their lives. Not only will doing so be a blessing to the people who are on the receiving end of that extension of compassion, but it will bless the person extending the compassion as well. Here’s to revolutionizing this world through the extension of compassion via open hearts and open minds. #lovebythedrop

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