Today’s Gem of Gratitude #66


Today I am thankful for the ability to be flexible. Like most of us I have preferences concerning many things (the food I eat, the movies I look at, the things that I do, etc.). And when situations do not turn out the way that I want them to turn out or something that I do not expect and do not care to have happen happens, it is certainly a little disappointing. Yet, though I may not like and/or agree with certain things that occur, I usually try to find a way to embrace the changes as best as I can and adjust my behavior, view of the situation, and approach in whatever way I need to.

On most occasions this is fairly easy to do, however, there are certain times when I really have to make a concerted effort to make those necessary adjustments. At this point in my life I can safely say that I am a pretty flexible person and I am fairly successful at going with the flow when I need to. And I think that the fact that I am a considerably flexible person causes others to be a little more willing to entertain and address the concerns and opinions that I have and raise about certain situations or issues at hand, for which I am grateful.

As I am sure that I have stated before, it is essential to have balance in all things. And, for the most part, I believe that I have achieved that balance in this area of my life. How about you? #lovebythedrop

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