Today’s Gem of Gratitude #67


Today I am thankful for the days when I can sleep in. Sometimes we have so much going on in our lives that we run ourselves ragged. We find ourselves pondering why we seem to have less time to handle the things that we need to handle and to do the things that we want to do. And we wonder why we have not been able to sleep in weeks, why we forgot to eat anything the previous day, and why we struggle so vehemently to separate ourselves from our beds each morning. More likely than not, what we have done is allowed the expectations that others have placed on us as well as those that we have placed on ourselves to consume us, which is neither healthy nor ideal.

Oftentimes, when our lives reach the point when we notice these types of occurrences happening our lives are trying to tell us that we need to take some time for ourselves and relax. Now, I am aware that there are times when we just have to plug away at the many duties that fill our lives because they have to be taken care of, and that sometimes we have already pared down the responsibilities that we have as much as we possibly can yet we are still left with so much to bear. And in those moments we typically do just have to hang in there and make the best of it.

However, when we can we need to make a concerted effort to embrace those moments that are available to us for relaxation and enjoying ourselves. And one of the ways in which I personally do that is by taking advantage of opportunities to sleep in when I can, even if it’s just for an extra hour or two. I sleep in, listen to a little music when I wake up, have my daily quiet time during which I spend time with God – thanking Him for everything and everyone He has blessed me with, asking for His guidance and direction, and praying for those whom He has placed on my heart – effectively easing my way into the day. And on these days in particular, I seem to experience an added sense of peace and comfort in my life, which, in part, appears to be attributable to the relaxing way that I start my day. There is something so peaceful about not prying oneself out of bed, quickly making one’s way to the bathroom to shower, rushing to get dressed, and then propelling oneself out into a world of deadlines and oftentimes unrealistic requirements. Sometimes we need to be reminded of what it is like to be peacefully welcomed into a day so that we can take care of ourselves as we equip ourselves to make the most of the day at hand in the best way possible. Have you taken the time to rejuvenate lately? #lovebythedrop

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