Today’s Gem of Gratitude #74


Today I am thankful for birthdays. Birthdays present us with an opportunity to reflect on the progress that we have made during the course of the past year, what the state of our lives is right now, and what our plans are for the future. Birthdays also bring with them an opportunity for us to show our loved ones in a typically more overt way how much we love and care for them.

Over the years I personally have not lost my appreciation for birthdays, though with the passing of the years my perception of birthdays and their purpose has become less focused on receiving gifts and more focused on appreciating life, love, and progress.

And with the passing of each year I am reminded of how blessed and loved I am, regardless of the amount of progress that I have made in achieving my goals and whether or not I have everything that I had hoped to have at this point in my life. I just take time to appreciate what was, is, and will be, and I try to make sure that I do it with a thankful heart and a smile. #lovebythedrop

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