Today’s Gem of Gratitude #76


Today I am thankful for beauty, true beauty that emanates from within. The idea of beauty is something that many people struggle with at some time or another as they attempt to discover who they are and how they fit into this big, critical world of ours. We are bombarded by media images of airbrushed models and actresses, articles about the five ways to increase your beauty today, and the judgmental treatment of strangers and loved ones.

The tragedy, in many cases, is that so many of us do not have personal support systems that encourage us to view and accept our personal beauty, reject the unrealistic standards of beauty perpetrated by society, and to embrace our individuality. That is what we really need, not Cosmo quizzes that tell the reader to answer ten questions in order to determine how beautiful they are.

And this issue of beauty is not limited to females. Males are also pressured to a certain extent to dress and carry themselves in a certain way in order to be considered handsome, successful, and important.

Thankfully, though, I am the product of a wonderful support system that encourages me to be who I am and to not base my perception of beauty on what the world thinks and accepts. Certainly, I have had my moments when I have strayed from that and allowed myself to become caught up in the world’s physical assessment of me, but thankfully I have not lingered in those moments for too long.

Ultimately, each person’s beauty is something that should be accepted, respected, and honored. And not only do we need to change the images and views of beauty that society perpetrates, but we also are charged with encouraging the individuals within our personal sphere to adopt positive perceptions of themselves and to encourage them to pass that positivity on to those whom they encounter. Only then will we discover how truly beautiful this world is, as the world is only as beautiful as the souls who comprise it. #lovebythedrop

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