Today’s Gem of Gratitude #75


Today I am thankful for high-quality products. Most of the time I am not that picky about the products that I use – as long as they are decent and do what I want them to do I am satisfied.

However, there are certain products for which I do have a preference (i.e. toilet paper, toothpaste, undergarments, electronic devices, etc.). And the reason why I have developed the preferences that I have concerning those items is because once you have experienced the benefits associated with high-quality versions of certain items it is hard to go back to utilizing lower-quality versions. And if you can afford high-quality items, then why not utilize them?

While taking some time to think about the reasons why I like high-quality products so much I came to the realization that the preferences that I have take multiple aspects into consideration, including the reputation of the company as it concerns that particular item, the features that I want the item to possess, and the quality of the materials of which the item was made.

Throughout the years I have come to realize that not all products are made equally, and that it is perfectly natural to have preferences. Thankfully, there is a plethora of high-quality products that are available, and I am happy to make use of them. #lovebythedrop

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