Today’s Gem of Gratitude #86


Today I am thankful for adversity. The decision to write about this subject today stems from a comment that I recently posted on Facebook regarding adversity. I shared the following message with my Facebook friends:

I’m finally realizing that part of the reason why I’ve experienced adversity is so that I would have more than mere opinions to share with people and upon which to base my existence.

I wrote those words as I was dealing with some challenging situations, and as usual, I was focused on seeing the positives associated with the situations rather than the negatives. I must admit that it was a real challenge to do so that day, as I was feeling burnt out in so many areas of my life and I was dealing with a bit of an emotional battle within myself.

Ultimalely, after posting that status update on Facebook I felt better. And as Facebook friends of mine showed their appreciation of what I said, I was reminded of the truth that lies within the words of my statement. We, as human beings, experience some rather trying situations at times, and as we are making our way through all of the muck and mire we wonder things like “why me,” “why now,” and “what really is the point of all of this.” We’ll, I am here to answer those questions for you today. Dear ones, we are allowed to experience challenging situations because we are the precise people who are meant to handle them and are capable of handling them. These challenging situations accost us at the particular times that they do because that is the time in which our greatest blessings are ripening. And the point of our experiences with adversity is that we come out on the other side of them equipped with experience, compassion for ourselves and for our fellow man, and a greater appreciation of the peaceful, easy, and positive times that we experience in our lives. And all of these elements are essential for our ability to take the lessons that we learn from our experiences and turn them into messages of hope and inspiration that have the potential to save someone else’s life.

So, when those moments of adversity rear their unwanted heads, remember that the blessings that await you and those whom you will encounter on the other side of those storms far outweigh the temporary turbulence that you may be experiencing. And the knowledge and wisdom that you gain from those situations are treasures that cannot be measured. #lovebythedrop

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