Today’s Gem of Gratitude #87


Today I am thankful for humidity. I grew up in a place that was very warm and humid. While I lived there I would often comment on how much hotter it seemed to become every year. And then I eventually moved away to a drier and cooler climate and was initially excited until I discovered how hard that drier and cooler climate was on my hair and skin. My hair became so brittle and dry that it broke off in significant amounts, and I had to apply lotion to my skin multiple times a day in order to keep it decently hydrated. I later moved to an area that boasts an even drier climate coupled with intense heat. I had no idea what effect this new climate and environment would have on my hair and skin – would it be harsh like the cool and dry climate I had just moved from, or would it be more akin to the hot and humid climate that I grew up in? I found out rather quickly that it would be worse than what I experienced in the dry and cool climate that I moved from, and it was absolutely nothing like the hot and humid climate that I grew up in. And I must admit that I was more than a little disappointed.

However, long story short, each time that I have come to the realization that a new climate that I live in is harsh on my hair and skin I am reminded of the humid climate that I was so happy to leave behind years ago. The old adage that people do not know what they have until it’s gone is certainly true. Now, more often than not people are referring to relationships, money, time, or something of that nature when they say this, but it applies to anything that one once had and only recently discovered its value to that person.

So, these days I miss that humidity that I left behind – I miss the way that it nurtured my hair and my skin. And now I can say that I appreciate it. Yes, I will continue to make due in whatever ways that I can in this current climate, but from now on, when I go home for visits I will demonstrate a more thankful attitude regarding the humidity that has certainly taught me a valuable lesson. #lovebythedrop

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