Today’s Gem of Gratitude #89


Today I am thankful for restaurants that brilliantly execute my favorite dishes. In a perfect world I would always have the time, skills, tools, ingredients, and energy to prepare my favorite dishes at the drop of a hat. In reality though, even though I love to cook and can prepare many of my favorite dishes myself, oftentimes either my schedule does not permit it, I may not have all of the ingredients that I need, or I may not have the energy needed to do so. And let’s face it, sometimes I just do not feel like cooking, but I still want to eat something scrumptious and filling.

In those moments, I enjoy frequenting some of the restaurants that wonderfully prepare some of my favorite meals. Whether I have a craving for empanadas, a simply seared fillet of salmon, fried catfish, or pigeon peas and rice and jerk chicken, I have some consistently reliable go-to restaurants that make it possible for me to enjoy my favorite meals without having to concern myself with the preparation or the cleanup. And in essence it is a win-win situation for both me and the restaurants, in that I have the opportunity to partake of the food that I enjoy without having to do any of the work all while supporting great restaurants. And as an amateur cook I occasionally walk away from a dining experience at a restaurant with new ideas that I can use when preparing my own meals at home.

Whether my decision to frequent certain restaurants stems from a desire to dine out, a lack of time, energy, or ingredients, or simply not feeling like cooking, when I dine at some of my favorite restaurants I am almost always guaranteed to walk away from that dining experience having had an excellent meal that lends itself to the making of a beautiful memory. #lovebythedrop

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