Today’s Gem of Gratitude #90


Today I am thankful for great customer service. In my opinion great customer service goes hand in hand with professionalism (which I addressed in a prior entry which you can access here).

Most people will probably agree that great customer service is vital to any business relationship, and for obvious reasons. And I certainly agree with that. However, great customer service is something that extends far beyond the business world. It extends into our interactions with everyone, especially interactions with our loved ones. If you think about it, when you treat a friend to lunch, bring a glass of water to your spouse, or help your grandmother pull the weeds in her garden you are performing an act of service to that person. And when you do so with excellence, integrity, and compassion you are extending to them great customer service.

There are times when I lose sight of the importance of this concept and thankfully life finds a way to remind me. And I suspect that a lot of people out there can relate. None of us are perfect. So, the fact that we occasionally fall short of the mark when it concerns delivering great customer service does not rob us of the opportunity to handle things in a better way the next time.

What I encourage you to take away from your reading of this post is the idea that it is essential to exhibit great customer service to all of the people in our lives, at all times, no exceptions. This is one area in which we cannot afford to drop the ball and neglect or refuse to pick it up. #lovebythedrop

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