Today’s Gem of Gratitude #100


Today I am thankful for web series. I do not really watch much television nowadays for various reasons – my schedule does not permit it, the overall quality of shows on television is lacking, and when I do want to watch television oftentimes the shows that I want to watch are not on at that time.

Thankfully, though, a friend of mine introduced me to the world of web series by recommending that I watch one show in particular that she found to be interesting. I watched the first episode and was hooked from there.

There are several reasons why I appreciate web series, including the fact that I can access the episodes anywhere and at anytime as long as I have access to the internet, which, thankfully, smartphones, tablets, and laptops make possible. Another feature of web series that I appreciate is the fact that I can save the episodes so that I can watch them again later. Web series also tend to have casts of actors who are not solely appearing just to make money, with that being their only focus. In fact, many actors on web series perform without the benefit of receiving a paycheck. And that dedication to one’s craft is something that I do not mind supporting. In addition, for the most part, web series are independently created, produced, directed, and funded, so those involved in their creation/production are not limited and held captive by the often out of touch whims of mainstream media companies.

So, the next time that you are in the mood to watch something worthwhile leave your television off and head to the internet. Who knows, you may just stumble across your new favorite series. #lovebythedrop

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