Today’s Gem of Gratitude #101


Today I am thankful for resilience. To me, resilience is that strength of character that allows you to bounce back no matter what comes against you and no matter how often you get knocked down. Resilience says that no matter what comes my way I will be victorious, and if this particular venture does not work I will try another one and then another one until I get it right.

There is something so special about a person who has adopted the character trait of resilience. You can sense it in everything that they do – the way that they tackle projects, interact with people, and pick themselves up when they fall.

I strive to be a resilient person, one who never gives up. And in order to be that person I have to constantly resist the temptation to give into fear. This is the area in which most people who are not resilient fall short of the mark. They allow fear to dictate their actions, and in turn fear controls their lives.

I used to be a person who allowed fear to dictate my actions, and I was utterly miserable. Yes, I still experienced more than my fair share of successes, but in many ways those successes felt hollow and my life felt as though it was not really my own. But at some point I started to grab ahold of the principle that God does not want me to live a fearful life, and as I began to incorporate that principle into my life I began to realize that fear was only able to control me if I allowed it to, and that was just not the way that I wanted to live my life.

Today, I am much less fearful than I used to be, and because of that, coupled with my determination to keep going no matter what, I personally know what it is like to be resilient. And I refuse to turn back. #lovebythedrop

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