Today’s Gem of Gratitude #116


Today I am thankful for snow. I bet that some of you might be wondering what this sunshine-familiar desert-dweller could possibly even know about snow. Well, between soaking up all of that sunshine and becoming accustomed to desert life, I spend quite a few years in an area that is known for its abundance of cold weather and snow.

As a matter of fact, almost two years after I moved there the area where I lived was hit by one of the worst blizzards (up until then the only blizzards that I had experienced were the ones that you encountered at Dairy Queen) that the area had seen in many years. We received about three feet of snow, and we were snowed in for three days. Needless to say around about the third day of being indoors cabin fever set in and the world started to slowly emerge again.

Unlike the severe thunderstorms that I was used to, the blizzard was so quiet, and the only way that I even knew that it was snowing was because I kept looking outside to see if the blizzard had stopped. It was certainly an interesting experience, and believe it or not, I would not mind experiencing it again, provide it that I do not have to drive in it, that is.

Now, even though that blizzard experience (the first of a few) was not all that unenjoyable, I prefer experiencing the light snow showers that are substantial enough to coax you into the kitchen with the goal of preparing some hot chocolate, but are not so heavy that when you look at the snow falling all you can think of is the number of hours that it will take to shovel your sidewalk and driveway so as to not incur the wrath of the municipality.

I used to enjoy sitting at the window with my hot chocolate, a good book, and a warm fleece blanket as the fire in the fireplace gently roared, all while watching the world come alive amidst the flurries of snow in between paragraphs. Now that could very well be a perfect day. And though I certainly do not miss driving in the snow, I do miss those silent moments of toasty relaxation spent surrounded by my own personal winter wonderland. #lovebythedrop

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