Today’s Gem of Gratitude #120


Today I am thankful for the ability to allow myself to depend on others. It is safe to say that, for the most part, I have always been a determined, driven, and some might say, iron willed person. I generally would decide what I wanted, find out how to make it come to pass, make a plan, and then I do whatever was necessary to bring that plan to fruition. And, for the most part, everything would work like clockwork.

In addition to being determined and focused, I naturally gravitated towards doing just about everything myself. Maybe part of that was due to the fact that of all of the people on this planet I certainly knew what I wanted and how I wanted it to be taken care of. And things continued that way for years.

And then at some point in life I found myself in a situation that required me to depend on others, and for the longest time I fought it. I was so used to doing things myself that I was unsure about depending on others to help me with something that I needed.

Eventually, I realized that sometimes we as human beings will find ourselves in situations that will require more than just our solo effort in order to resolve the situations in an appropriate fashion. I also came to the realization that it can be a good thing to depend on people who are trustworthy and have experience in dealing with whatever type of situation you are dealing with, because not only will their assistance likely help you to resolve the situation more efficiently and quickly, but it might also relieve you of some of the stress involved with that particular situation.

So, eventually I began to allow myself to depend on others more and more, and now it is a little easier to welcome the assistance of others. At times I do still find it to be a challenge to accept assistance from others, but knowing the potential benefits associated with doing so makes those decisions much easier for me. #lovebythedrop

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