Today’s Gem of Gratitude #151 – Happy Veteran’s Day!


Today I am thankful for the courageous veterans who have served our country. Far too often we as citizens of this great nation forget to show our thanks and appreciation to the veterans who have sacrificed so much of themselves and their lives to protect the way of life that we possess.

Many of our veterans have travelled overseas, leaving their friends, family, and loved ones behind, all to purposely put themselves in harms way in order to fight to protect people whom they do not even know personally. Others of them have served here on domestic soil as opposed to overseas, but their sacrifice is no less important.

And after gallantly and selflessly sacrificing so much themselves, many of our veterans have returned home to find a society that neither honors or embraces them. They have found it extremely difficult to obtain jobs and to access support groups and treatment designed to help them to successfully deal with the lingering and residual effects of their experiences, as well as other forms of assistance that they might need. This is no way to honor the brave men and women who have selflessly put our needs before their own.

On this day, I honor every single veteran and I thank you for that for which there are no adequate words of appreciation and gratitude. May you be blessed this day and every day that follows, and may you always encounter love, honor, respect, and appreciation at every step of the remainder of your journey. You are appreciated. #lovebythedrop

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