Today’s Gem of Gratitude #150


Today I am thankful for salmon. Ask anyone who has spent any amount of time with me during the past few months how often I have mentioned to them that I am craving salmon and I can practically guarantee you that they will say, “all of the time.”

Salmon is one of those food items that I “discovered” about six or seven years ago when I went to the store and decided to try something new. The attendant behind the seafood counter recommended that I season the salmon with a creole seasoning that she liked to use and then cook the salmon skin side down first in a shallow non-stick pan. She said that it was simple and that the salmon would turn out perfectly, and she was absolutely correct.

Since then, salmon has become a staple item in many of my meals. And of all of the ways that I have had salmon prepared, blackened salmon appears to be my favorite. Thankfully, salmon is a well offered item at many restaurants, so I can typically get my fill of it whenever the craving hits me. And that makes both me and my stomach happy. #lovebythedrop

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