Today’s Gem of Gratitude #155


Today I am thankful for fried ice cream. I still remember the first time that I tried fried ice cream. I had gone to lunch with my mother and some friends of ours at a local restaurant that offered a variety of cuisines. We all ordered different dishes, and if you were to ask me what I ordered for my entree I would tell you that I do not have the slightest idea.

What I do remember, though, is what I ordered for dessert. When I looked through the menu and my eyes landed on the entry for fried ice cream I knew that that was the dessert for me. And when the server brought a plate containing a cinnamon and sugar coated tortilla bowl filled with a huge ball of firm vanilla ice cream that had been coated in a mixture of honey and ground up oatmeal, deep fried, touched with a few dollops of whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce I became speechless. It was an absolute thing of beauty and it tasted like happiness on a plate. That’s right. It tasted like pure happiness on a plate. Needless to say, I left that restaurant with the biggest smile on my face that day and a new found love of fried ice cream in my heart.

Since then, I have ordered fried ice cream at various restaurants, and for the most part I have enjoyed those experiences. But none of those experiences have even come close to comparing to my first fried ice cream experience. And now that I think about it, it has been quite a while since I partook of some fried ice cream, and it might be time for me to make a date with another bowl. I am certain that there’s one with my name on it. #lovebythedrop

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