Today’s Gem of Gratitude #161


Today I am thankful for iTunes. ITunes is my one stop shopping place for just about everything electronic that I could possibly need. Whether I am in the market for a great book, a new song, an entertaining podcast, or a thrilling movie, iTunes generally has what I am looking for.

People can say whatever they want to say about iTunes, but it’s so easy to navigate, it’s built into all of my electronic devices, and it is incorporated into many of the applications that I use on my devices.

One of the many aspects of iTunes that I appreciate the most is the fact that I can immediately access and download just about anything that I want at the drop of a hat. I appreciate the fact that I can hear a song that captures my attention playing on the radio or on television, use the Soundhound application to identify it, and then click a link within the Soundhound application that takes me directly to iTunes so that I can purchase the song. What could be easier and more efficient than that?

I admit, though, that the ease of using iTunes is not without its drawbacks, namely the fact that the ease of using iTunes can help fuel a person’s desire for instant gratification, and it can cause that desire to develop where it has not previously existed. Drawbacks and all, though, iTunes is still a blessing for which I am very thankful, and I am fairly certain that many of you are thankful for it too. #lovebythedrop

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