Today’s Gem of Gratitude #160


Today I am thankful for the ability to negotiate. In a world where so many rules, regulations, requirements, expectations, and all manner of other ideals to which our complete cooperation is expected are dictated to and forced upon us, it is a bit of a consolation that at times certain matters are up for negotiation.

I am not certain about you, but there are times when I feel very passionate about some idea or method, and it just so happens that that same level of passion towards that item or concept is not entirely shared by others who may be involved. And in times like those I appreciate having the opportunity to present my take on things and to hopefully reach a compromise that will bring me closer to my desired outcome.

As with anything, there is an art to knowing when to pursue negotiation and when not to pursue it. It all depends on the issue at hand, the individuals involved, and the proposed outcomes. I am sure that we have all heard at least one person in our life say “it’s important to pick your battles wisely.” This age old adage applies to many aspects and areas of life, especially that of negotiation. And when it’s done well, negotiation has the potential to bring about more positive results than would have occurred had the negotiating parties received what they wanted from the get go. Now that’s certainly something to think about. #lovebythedrop

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