Today’s Gem of Gratitude #187


Today I am thankful for the fact that we experience life a little bit at a time. I was listening to a minister speak about the fact that we progress through life, situations, and circumstances in stages. And that concept really resonated with me. It was not the first time that I had heard that concept being mentioned, but it was the first time that I had heard it presented in that way.

I really took some time to think about it and came to the conclusion that even though the unknown aspects of my future can seem to be a little disheartening at times – like many of us, I like to know what to expect so that I can plan accordingly – and life can occasionally appear to be overwhelming, I am grateful that life “happens to me” in stages. If “life” truly hit me all at once, not only would it be overwhelming, but I am not certain that I would survive it, and if I did survive it there is no guarantee that I would still have a sound mind.

Think about it for a minute. Think about all of the challenging situations that you have experienced in life – the death of a loved one, heartbreaks, the onset of an illness, the loss of a good job, etc. Now imagine all of those things happening to you at the same time. Most of us would try our best to hang in there while those challenging events incessantly attempt to rip us to shreds. And that is commendable.

Thankfully, though, most of us do not have to experience life in that way, because, though challenging times arise, we are blessed in that they generally do not hit us all at the same time. Thank God for the silver lining in it all. #lovebythedrop

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