Today’s Gem of Gratitude #196


Today I am thankful for mountains, both literal and figurative.

The literal mountains that we encounter in life are grand, regal summits that invoke both awe and fear in many of us. Some of us simply enjoy looking at them from afar, while others of us make our way to their bases and hesitantly explore, just as others of us courageously ascend their surfaces looking for adventures and new experiences.

The figurative mountains in our lives in many ways mirror the literal ones, serving as figurative representations of their literal counterparts. However, they do differ in one regard in particular – literal mountains are usually fairly visible from a distance, rarely ever catching us by surprise; figurative mountains, on the other hand, often seem to sneak up on us, yielding very little, if any, advanced warning.

Mountains, both literal and figurative, do extend to us certain benefits though, one of which is the fact that they change our lives by either affecting us positively or negatively. And fortunately for us the choice of which type of effect they will have on us is up to us. And that, my dears, is simply amazing to me. The thought of being able to affect the outcome that a mountain is able to yield in my life is not only empowering, but also hope-inspiring. And I am glad that I am finally at the point where I recognize and understand this. #lovebythedrop

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