Today’s Gem of Gratitude #197


Today I am thankful for inspiration. Inspiration comes to me from many different places, through many different routes. Sometimes it’s a song that I hear, a movie that I see, an e-mail message that I receive, or a person whom I encounter that provides me with an idea for a poem, a blog entry, or even a long overdue letter to someone whom I care about. At times, I may be walking down a street, driving in my car, or even riding in an elevator when a thought pops into my mind and I begin to scramble for a pen and a piece of paper or my phone so that I can make note of my creative musings before the moment, and the inspiration, passes me by. Other times, a phrase or even a word that someone says might strike me, and even though it makes an impression on me I may choose not to make note of it. And oftentimes, in those instances, the phrase or word will linger with me all day, popping up again and again, just about every which way that I turn, following me until I make it a point to stop and take note of it.

Thankfully, inspiration finds a way to reach me and hold onto me, even when my life is so busy and it feels as though my creativity has been zapped by the immediacy of each circumstance that I encounter. I am learning that inspiration will always be there, searching for me, and that it’s up to me to remain perceptive and receptive so that it will not pass me by. #lovebythedrop

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