Today’s Gem of Gratitude #270


Today I am thankful for manatees. Manatees are often referred to as the gentle giants of the ocean, and anyone who has come into contact with a manatee knows exactly why. They are peaceful, kind, caring, loving, and helpful creatures. And it does not seem to matter to them what other creatures look like, their level of familiarity with those creatures, or even where they are from, even if the creatures happen to be of the human variety; if something or someone is in need of help, manatees seem to be genuinely happy and willing to come to the rescue.

In all actuality, there is a lot that we could learn from the gentle manatees if we were to simply take the time to take notice and to pay attention. They could teach us a whole lot about how to interact with other species, how to create welcoming and warm environments, and how to put the needs of others before ourselves. They really do seem to have hearts of gold, and my hope is that at some point we human beings will finally start treating them as well as they already treat us. #lovebythedrop

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