Today’s Gem of Gratitude #271


Today I am thankful for milkshakes. I have already shared with you all my appreciation for beverages like tea, lemonade, smoothies, and the like. One of my absolute favorite beverages, though, is a nice, thick, milkshake. I am not sure exactly what it is about milkshakes that draws me to them so much – maybe it is the fact that ice cream is involved, or maybe it is the fact that milkshakes are cold, sweet, and somehow or another always seem to be the perfect snack or addition to any meal. And maybe, just maybe, one of the biggest draws for me is the fact that I rarely ever have them, so when I do partake of one it is a special treat.

Just as is the case with just about any food or beverage item, though, I have come to realize that not everyone makes a great milkshake. As a matter of fact, lackluster milkshakes are more prevalent than one might think. My guess is that many people come to the conclusion that constructing a great milkshake is easy because there are typically so few ingredients that comprise them, and those ingredients are usually simple ones, such as milk, ice cream, and fruit. But what many people do not seem to realize is that simple ingredients do not automatically equate to a stellar product; one still needs to know what to do with those simple ingredients, and this, my dears, is where many people fall short.

Now, I myself do not profess to make the best milkshakes (my milkshakes are pretty good though), but that is why I am willing to go out to restaurants and pay for them. In the same token, though, if the milkshake that I end up paying for either tastes just as good as the ones that I make or worse, then “Houston, we definitely have a problem,” because when you go out somewhere and order a milkshake you expect for that milkshake to taste much better than anything that you have ever made yourself (unless you happen to be the world’s best milkshake maker, of course). After all, that is what you expect when you frequent an establishment that is maintained by professionals, right? Right.

So, to everyone out there who owns restaurants that offer lackluster milkshakes on their menus, please do us all a favor and get rid of the milkshakes and replace them with something that is actually demonstrative of the areas in which you excel. After all, that likely will be better for your bottom line anyway. So, see, that way we all win. #lovebythedrop

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