Today’s Gem of Gratitude #346


Today I am thankful for light Japanese cuisine. Years ago, when I lived in a different state, I was introduced to two Japanese restaurants that became fast favorites of mine. One restsurant served these tasty, yet simple, beef bowls, which consisted of lightly seasoned thinly-sliced steamed beef sautéed with thin strips of onions and served on a bed of rice. The other restaurant served the most delicious teriyaki chicken bowls, which consisted of grilled chicken, chopped into strips and a medley of veggies (if requested) lightly covered in a teriyaki sauce and served on a bed of rice.

Though these entrées were not the only items served at these particular restaurants, these dishes were the ones that I always returned for. They were tasty, quickly prepared, and fairly reasonably priced. So, ordering and partaking of these entrées always felt like a win-win.

Unfortunately, neither of those restaurants have representation in the state in which I currently reside, and I have yet to find even one restaurant here that even remotely compares to those two gems. So, push come to shove, I just might take it upon myself to figure out how to prepare my favorite Japanese entrées, at least until I have the opportunity to pay my two favorite Japanese restaurants a visit when I take a trip back to that special state. Now, that definitely sounds like a plan. #lovebythedrop

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