Today’s Gem of Gratitude #350


Today I am thankful for medication. Thankfully, I have always been a pretty healthy person. And, possibly because of that, I have had a tendency to avoid taking medication in situations in which it would not compromise my health to do so. For example, when I have a headache, I generally do not take any pain relievers. I do not have anything against pain relievers, nor against those who choose to make use of them, but I personally make it a point to avoid using them as much as possible. However, I have found myself in the midst of the occasional situation in which I have experienced so much pain (i.e. I had a migraine headache), but I still needed to function or to be able to go to sleep, that I made the decision to take an over-the-counter pain killer. And in moments like those, I was grateful that the medication was available. Though I am not a frequent user of medication, it is a blessing to know that it is readily available when the need to make use of it arises. After all, I would rather that I have it and not need it, than not have it and need it, and I venture to think that that sentiment probably rings true for most of us. #lovebythedrop

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